Sam Weaver has been a much welcome influence over the course of my cycling obsession. I actually bought my first road bike from him and have been hooked ever since. Sam’s enthusiasm and knowledge combined with positive energy is unmatched in the industry and his presence on and off the road always a pleasure.

J. Arborio

I credit Sam Weaver with being THE person who really got me riding a bike, Yes, I rode a bike a long time before I knew Sam but in 2002 I decided I was ready to move from casual riding to SERIOUS riding and that in order to do this I needed a SERIOUS bike. Knowing virtually nothing about road bikes I was fortunate to have Sam’s most capable and knowledgeable assistance and my life changed from there on out. Not only does Sam know everything about bikes and how to match cyclists with the perfect bike for them, but it doesn’t stop there. He is always available with his outgoing positive wealth of knowledge to help with riding, touring, and making the most of the cycling experience. Truly a life changing experience to work with Sam when it comes any aspect of cycling.

D. Betts

The local cycling community is made up of hundreds of cyclists, yet how many can you name where virtually every other cyclist will know who they are? These are the influential cyclists. They bring something extra to the table. It can be something as simple as having a good story to share or knowing every bolt on a bicycle and how to maintain or repair it. But ultimately, what these cyclists have are great people skills and an infectious personality. In a nutshell, we’re talking about Sam here!

M. Fantone

Sam knows how to bring a smile to everyone’s face. He has a gift of helping others in a fun and positive spirit. I can’t think of anyone else with better customer service skills than Sam!

S. Schroeder

I love to think of Sam as the Miles Davis of Cycling…COOL.

G. Halvorson

I’ve watched Sam make everyone on a group ride smile. Sam’s enthusiasm and love for cycling is contagious. His attitude, encouragement, and helpfulness make him the perfect guide for any cycling adventure!

S. Friedman

Sam can make a routine trip to the bike store a blast. I can only imagine what he will contribute to a vacation!

Z. Modabber

Sam sold me my first bike and without him I would have been completely lost! He explained what I would need and never made me feel foolish for asking typical “newbie” questions. On top of that, being the dedicated cyclist and all around phenomenal human being that he is, he took me out for my first ride and showed me the ropes. He taught me a few key things that morning that I use/remember every time I am on the bike. Thanks Sam!

C. Griffin

Sam is one of those unique humans who finds purpose in inspiring those around him to dig deep to find out what they’ve got inside. For a guy with shaved legs, he’s a real man’s man!

J. Tooley

Sam came to have a special place in my heart because of his sense of adventure and what I refer to as his ‚”prudent fearlessness”. He welcomes challenges and his energy is always positive. As a film producer, I often have to see to the every need of famous actors or high-level investors. Whenever I needed help with this sensitive task, Sam was my go-to guy. In a social setting or during the workday ‚ if a VIP needed special attention, Sam always knew how to finesse the situation with charm, wit and human warmth. Inevitably, everybody loves Sam! They love his work ethics, his attitude and his energy. He gets the job done and he does it with panache.

S. Wiper

It quickly became obvious to me that I had totally hit a home run to have found Sam’s services! If you’re looking for a unique experience, to see the countryside, get great exercise, and be well taken care of…Sam’s THE MAN!

N. Armentrout

Sure, we could add more but I hope you understand; I really love what I do!

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