Custom Travel


The exclusivity you enjoy with us affords you:

    • The ability to bring along your entire family
    • Unrestricted access to lodging and dining options most tour companies can’t offer
    • The ability to adapt our daily schedules to your every whim
    • More choices for the dates you wish to take your vacations
    • Our unprecedented flexibility and personalized service

It takes a few little things to start down the road to vacation freedom!

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

I. Where in France would I like to go ?

The Alps, Pyrenees, Vaucluse, Côte d’Azur, Brittany, Burgundy, Corsica, Paris…

II. Who, and how many people, do I wish to go with ?
Family, friends/club members, co-workers, alone…

III. When do I want to go ?
The sooner you pick your dates, the better your chance of getting the dates you want

IV. What are the main interests I’d like to enjoy during my vacation ?
Cycling with more or less hours in the saddle, family time, wine and food, relaxation, sights and tourist attractions, kicking back on the beach, or all the above…

V. What standard of accommodations would I like to have ?
Chateaux, Hotels (1-5‘s ), Bed and Breakfasts, Gîtes (French rental properties in which you cook and clean for yourself. A great way to go if you’re on a specific budget yet still wish to stay in a more “authentic” habitat)

Send your answers to: sam @

We design your trip! That’s it!


Some “Fine Print”:

Once we have your answers; we’ll contact you to start the design process. The “design process” includes all research, development, and availability’s for: lodgings, restaurants, activities, cycling itineraries, and trip dates.
Once we (you, the Client, and us, Paris Bike Co.) have decided on an overall trip concept, and are ready to start booking the trip, we require a 1,500€ deposit to solidify your chosen dates and itinerary.

For bike rentals, cancellation policy and our terms and conditions click HERE.

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