Exclusive! Paris-area tours:

Did you know that within 20 minutes of Paris, by bike, you can be riding in the beautiful French countryside? Well you can. With our local-knowledge and guidance you can discover the abounding beauty in the hills surrounding Paris, Versailles, the Vallée de Chevreuse and beyond!
The following tours are excellent ways to get a great workout, ride roads few tourists have yet to enjoy, and dig into French culture in a way only a local knows. 

Escape Paris Tour

We’ll meet you at the Porte de Châtillion (on the south-side of Paris’ Boulevard Périphérique; on the outbound side directly above the “Périph”) or at our French headquarters if you’re renting a bike: 27 rue Chauvelot, Malakoff, France.

40€ per hour for 1 person
70€ per hour for 2 people (35€ per person)
90€ per hour for 3 people (30€ per person)
120€ per hour for 4 people
There is a reduction of 20€ for your 3rd hour or more!
There is a 2 hour minimum on all “Escape Paris” tours and “hours” start from the meeting point.

Saclay Tour

We come to meet you, on bike, to your “front door”*, (house, apt. hotel, or wherever you may be staying or wish us to meet you) take you on your ride, and bring you back home safe and sound.
This is a wonderful alternative for those wishing to get a quick workout near Paris or for those just starting to cycle !

50€ per hour for 1 person
90€ per hour for 2 people (45€ per person)
120€ per hour for 3 people or more (30€ per person)
There is a reduction of 20€ per hour for anything over 2.5 hours!
There is a 2.5 hour minimum on all “Saclay” tours and “hours” start from the meeting point.

Chateaufort Tour

The Châteaufort Tour is for those who wish to go straight to the countryside, for those who’ve ridden near Paris and want to get to new roads quickly, or for those who are uncomfortable riding, partially, with a bit of traffic.
We pick you up by car and go directly to the countryside, where your ride begins.

Pricing is the same as our “Escape Paris Tour” plus:
40 vehicle and transportation fee per pickup address anywhere within our “front door”* area.
Hourly pricing starts once you’re on your bike, is limited to 3 people, and starts within a 30km radius.

Ask us about custom weekend trips to:
The Loire Valley
The Sarthe
The Champagne region
…and just about anywhere else in France!

Our “front door” area is anywhere within Paris’ Boulevard Périphérique or the following suburbs: Malakoff, Montrouge, Vanves, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Boulogne-Billancourt, Gentilly, Saint-Cloud, Sevres, Meudon, Clamart, Châtillon, Sceaux, Le Plessis-Robinson, Antony.

Self-guided/GPS options

For those who prefer to ride without a guide there’s a choice for you too! We can design routes for you to download to your personal GPS unit or you can rent a GPS from us and follow pre-loaded itineraries.

10€ per route for custom, downloadable routes

30€ GPS rental with 1 custom route for one day

5€ per route / day thereafter

Here are some examples of our day tour routes:

Exclusive Services

When traveling with your own bike it’s great to have someone available to take care of it, watch after it, caress it, and treat it like it’s one of the family.
We know it’s your baby, so when you’re in or near Paris, traveling, working, just visiting, or stopping through we can take care of you and your precious cargo.

Bike Love

60€ Includes: Assembly, disassembly, and box-up

Super Bike Love

80€ Includes: Assembly, disassembly, expert tuning, cleaning, and box-up

For bike rentals, cancellation policy, and our terms please click HERE and scroll down.

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