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While you are preparing for your cycling adventure, don’t forget the most important thing of all: Your health!
We highly recommend being physically prepared to meet the exciting challenges designed into most trips. Here are a few coaches that can help you get on the fast track to cycling efficiently. Or, contact a coach in your immediate area.
Nate Loyal – • Eddie Monnier and Chris Plourde – Velofit
Gina & Bernard Baski – • Ian Murray, Cathrine Griffin, and Konrad Ribeiro – • Josh Horowitz – Liquid Fitness

Bike set-up:

If you’ll be riding hills or mountains; make your trip as enjoyable as possible, use either triple or compact chain-rings and a cassette with low gearing to get you to the top as efficiently as possible. The Col du Galibier is tougher than those darn Pros make it look! When you rent a bike from us we’ll be sure to have the proper gearing installed before you arrive.

Bicycle Assembly:

Many of your bikes are equipped with lightweight, carbon parts. We encourage you to bring the torque specifications for those parts. You can find most manufacturer’s torque specs on Park Tool’s web site: Parts manufacturers also list torque specs on their web sites. We take pride in our mechanical abilities and insure you that our use of a torque wrench is obligatory when working on your bike.

Eating on the bike:

We offer all of our clients “power” food to top off your energy levels while on the road. But, if you have a sensitive stomach or prefer a particular bar, gel, or drink mix, please feel free to bring some along with you.

Off the bike:

During your tours you will probably be stopping to “smell the roses”, take in a local market, have a bite to eat, or anything else that may suit your fancy. For just such occurrences we encourage you to bring along a light pair of shoes or slip-ons that we can have waiting for you when you dismount. Plus, it’s best to walk around the chateau or hotel without damaging the floors with our cleated bike shoes.

Clothing tips:

Don’t wear your pumps with your mini-skirt.
Okay, just kidding (or maybe not), but many of our destinations, especially if in mountainous regions, are hot during the day (or in the valleys) and quite chilly in the evenings (or on the mountain tops). Bring along some cool weather clothes. Knee and arm warmers, shoe covers, vest or a jacket, rain-gear, and some long fingered gloves. Mother Nature can sometimes add to our daily excitement!



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