The Team

Luis Rojas

The Virtuoso

I have been passionately involved with cycling since I was a child growing up in Austria. I started racing BMX and long distance road biking during my teenage years, eventually leading up to Xterra triathlons and mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.. Bikes and biking have always been my #1 passion. I have done everything from road racing to track cycling to brakeless fixie riding in San Francisco.

Now I’m a competitive triathlete in all distances and I’m always happy to share my passion and knowledge with anyone interested. I am fascinated by the sport and the latest technology that comes with it. Working on and building bikes came naturally to me and I couldn’t be happier doing it professionally. I take a lot of pride in my work and I treat every bike as if it were my own.


Diego Albarracin

The Wingman

Having fun is key, and bikes are fun!

It took me some time during my teenage years to find my path and eventually I was certain of one thing: I want to make people happy. To witness people’s faces when they see their bike like brand new, clean and perfectly tuned, well that makes me a happy man.

Both as a competitor and at work my triathlon and cycling culture is always growing and I’m more than happy to share my insights and to help you make informed decisions on what products suit your needs and to share experiences. And of course, to perfectly take care of your beloved machine so you can have confidence pushing it to its limits!

Samuel Weaver

Owner Extraordinaire

Hello and thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

“Cycling is the speed of life” has become my mantra because there’s not much in life more satisfying than whipping along, wind through your helmet, heart pumping, eyes up, lungs feeding your metronomic legs, and taking in the wonderful sights and smells along the way. This is why we cycle, and this is why I love sharing it with you: my family, friends, and clients (that often become friends!). The sensation that we’re in this together to be healthier, happier, and more “alive” is what keeps me going and I believe it shows though our commitment to you and our level of service.

Service is an art, and my passion.

I started Paris Bike Company because affecting positive change is what I love to do for a living. Developing relationships through our shared passion is the advantage that sets us apart because affecting positive change by listening and understanding is the heart, and art of good service.

Welcome to Paris Bike Company. We’re so glad you’ve put your trust in us!